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Video: Museveni dares Bazukulu in a 40 Push-Up Challenge

President Museveni has released another video in which he urges members of the public to emulate him and work out from home.

Dressed in a t-shirt, the president is seen jogging before embarking on doing 40 push-ups, ten more than he did in April.

“After work last night, I challenged by bazzukulu to an indoor work out and our target was 40 proper push-ups.In your own time at home, take the challenge too,” he says.

“Just like I have always advised, even at your home, you can stay fit and remain safe and healthy.”

However, in the video released by his media team, Museveni is later joined by two of his grandchildren in the challenge.

Whereas in the earlier video, Museveni was urging Ugandans to work out from their homes due to the Coronavirus lockdown, the latest video comes at a time when 75-year-old has expressed interest in taking another shot at the presidency in the forthcoming general elections.

For many, including analysts, the latest video is meant to show Museveni’s ability and strength to still lead the country despite his opponents saying otherwise.

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