VIDEO: Shameless Uganda police officers recorded looting fuel

The Uganda police force is on spot over it’s cops who were filmed stealing fuel from a truck that got an accident in a yet to be identified place.

In a video that’s making rounds on social media, the cops from the department of Field Force Unit are seen loading jerrycans of fuel stolen from the truck on the police patrol vehicle.

No official statement regarding this tragic incident has been issued yet but sources on ground say the police patrol is still ferrying fuel in different trips.

“They are siphoning as much as they can. One trip after the other as they ask us to keep away from the scene,” a source said.

The Uganda police force has been under fire over its aggravated indulgence in corruption tendencies. Several reports and audits have mentioned the Uganda police force as the lead institution in superitending corruption, an act widely attributed to their meager payments.

In such scenarios of motor accidents, police is supposed to provide security to avoid catastrophes where fuel burns people who always throng to steal the fuel.

Several Ugandans have lost their lives inn such instances of people attempting to steal fuel from trucks that go down due to accidents with the recent one being rubirizi fuel truck accident which claimed over 20 people last year.

Video source: Twitter

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