Vivian Tendo’s wedding photos confuse in-laws as they notice ‘that’s another man!’

Musician Vivian Tendo has left her fans confused and some men with broken hearts after she posted wedding photos of her with a fairly nice-looking young man in what typically looked to be like a wedding; the man was in a suit and she was in a gown.

Man in suit, woman in gown? This looks exactly like a wedding photo.

Above the photos, Tendo captioned, “We’ve made promises,” adding to it a diamond ring and a red heart to show commitment.

She had raised eyebrows earlier on after she posted photos of herself in a white wedding with a caption: “Born to love,” with a white heart to symbolise pure love.

Vivian Tendo looking beautiful in her White gown

It’s the singer’s choice if at all she intended or intends to have everything secret, she reportedly had a secret introduction recently too, so that’s wouldn’t be so new to her.

On-line in-laws are however the ones who are more bothered than. The singer herself, they expected to see another man in the picture. It is Wakiso Giants boss Musa ‘Atagenda’ Ssebulime who was closest to Tendo’s heart, according to the most recent local reports.

He’s the one with whom the singer’s affection was expected to lead to marriage and a wedding for that case. Infact, it was earlier rumored that the two were to do so before the end of this year, around August to be more precise.

Whether or not the wedding was real, it matters less to the singer who seemed not bothered at all to the various comments replies on ‘her wedding’ post.

Tendo looked so happy and comfortable around the mysterious man

Maybe the ‘Bwolwaayo’ singer saw Musa was delaying so she went ahead with another serious candidate.

However, she most probably must’ve just dressed up to take the pictures for another new music video that’ll be officially announced soon.

Given the nature of the photos and the manner in which they were ‘thrown’ to the public with ‘no background’, plus the fact that we didn’t even get any invitation, there’s no way that could’ve been an actual wedding.

If you’re waiting for a comment from the singer now, maybe shift the attention; the only thing you should be waiting for from Tendo right now, is a real wedding, or just wait for her video to drop soon!

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