Why Brutalize Me in My Own Office? Chameleon cries like a baby after ‘smoking’ teargas

Singer turned Politician real name Joseph Mayanja alias Dr. Jose Chameleon has spoken out on the recent incident where Police interrupted his office launch ceremony.

Mayanja was set to launch his office and unveil a task force expected to work hand in hand when his office.

Just before the event was to start, Police arrived at the venue located in Mengo Kayiwa along Balintuma road and fired live bullets and tear gas to disperse crowds that had gathered for the ceremony.

Chameleon and his supporters struggling with tear gas

While addressing journalists, Mayanja blamed the Police brutality on the NRM government that doesn’t wish to see change in the Country and all they do is torture the innocent citizens.

“I don’t see any valid reason why Police had to come to brutalize and disrupt me in my office,” he said.

He also attributed the incident to unprofessionalism in the Forces which is why they ignorantly torture, brutalise and oppress other political parties.

Anti-riot Police surrounding the scene

“I can’t believe that up to now we still have unprofessional personnel purporting to be law and order keepers”

Where did I go wrong in unvailing my office, we have seen this happen in NRM all those years and such events are not interfered with.”

Mayanja got one of his legs Injured as the tear gas canister hit him and several others.

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