Winnie Nwagi’s nudes spirits influences Zahara Totto to also parade her ‘gundi’

Last week, Swangz Avenue Songstress Winnie Nwagi treated social media to a buffet of her photos in a swimsuit as she was having a good time on a holiday outside Kampala.

The photos that have since got the public talking about the diva’s body and shape left many people judging her actions of taking on such a photo shoot.

Unbothered Nwagi went on to share more of the sensational photos with videos affirming that she is not bothered by the critics since it is her body and she is proud of it calling on whoever had issues with it to deal with it.

Just when many people thought the diva would face the wrath of her management, Swangz Avenue instead renewed her contract and popped champagne bottles with her in a jubilant mood.

Apparently, it seems like celebrated Field marshal entertainer Zahara Totto also wants in on the “butt fame” after she released her own video mimicking Nwagi.

Drawing her inspiration from the ‘Everything’ singer, Zahara Toto chose to flaunt her body in a skimpy black swimsuit right before the cameras on a swimming pool making it clear she was emulating the songstress.

In a manner that is most likely to annoy not only her haters nut also Winnie Nwagi’s fans, Zahara Totto tries to pin point at a part of her booty trying to look for the ‘dimples’ which were the main talk when Nwagi’s photos were shared online.

In her caption, Zahara reveals that she is also looking for the ‘dimples’ in her butt and whoever has them should lend them to her.

“Nonya butuli. Abulina abumpe,” she wrote.

It is however too early to determine whether Zahara’s actions were a mockery, mimics, or just a hot day under the sun.

However, as the saying goes; He who laughs last laughs best, we are not aware if Toto is taking the last laugh or we are going to be treated to more of such challenge

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