Woman dumped by hubby builds beautiful home, rentals after years of hustling

Would you have told Eunice that one day she would be a landlord in 2017 when her life was falling apart, she would have told you to pinch yourself back to reality.

By then, she was having a myriad of challenges; her husband whom she had financially supported had ditched her for another woman, leaving her with huge loans to service.

Speaking to a local media outlet, the mother of one baby girl recounted how she and her daughter became homeless after the landlord closed down their house due to months long rent arrears.

However, being the strong woman she is, Eunice, who works as a nurse said she decided to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life from scratch.

“I almost ran mad with my small salary. I had no option but to think about how to start life from zeros. I had a motorcycle which I took and I started boda boda job,” she said.

Working as a boda boda rider Being that her salary as a nurse was going into the repayment of the loans that she took for her ex-spouse, she did night shifts and so during the day, she hustled as a boda boda rider.

Eunice’s beautiful humble home

She saved a sum of Shs1 million and a friend of hers introduced her to one of the lucrative businesses in Africa ‘Fixed Games’.

She immediately didn’t think twice since she was wounded ‘financially’. She didn’t care whether it was a scam or not, she just joined.

“I decided that I will work hard for my baby to get the best. I think I was working hard with a lot of anger to change my life that’s why I was able to join these guys without a second thought of losing all that I worked for,” Eunice said.

“After paying the money for registration, I was contacted and given the necessary instructions with so many warnings, but I didn’t give a damn since I wanted money so badly. I paid the registration fee and went ahead to contribute for the game. But because I didn’t know how it’s done, my friend was with me during this process to help me step by step,” she narrated.

“In that first game, I remember I borrowed some other money but I made a profit of around Shs13 million, that was my starting point. I had a ground now. So I started playing these games until I felt the financial freedom that I was praying for,” she said.

She rapidly built her rentals and decided to gift it to her five-year-old daughter to heal the pain they went through when the landlord closed their house due to rent arrears.

“I gifted her the houses to wipe the tears we cried when the landlord was locking our house. I vowed to make her a landlady at this tender age,” she said.


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