World Literacy Day: Here are Exciting Family, Kids Educational TV Programs to look out for

Great things are indeed worth celebrating! And if you are not on DSTV or GOtv then you surely have to be sorry for yourself.

Congratulations to those of you who are ‘On’ and the good news is, as Uganda joins the rest of the World to celebrate World Literacy Day, DSTV and GOtv has got you and your kids covered with extra-ordinary educational programs added to your favourite channel list.

Since Literacy actually means the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute and that’s exactly what the World celebrates September 7.You and are your Kids will not be left out to just mere following the speeches on what transpires all over the World but will have TV programs to encourage and nurture a passion for learning.

The best thing about these edutainment shows is that children love to watch them, and they’ll learn something while at it! Talk about win-win.

Here’s a round-up of top picks to add to your watch-list on World Literacy Day;

Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom

Richard McCourt (Dick) and Dominic Wood (Dom) present this show that highlights some of the world’s most awe-inspiring geniuses, from Isaac Newton to Marie Curie. In each episode, they try their best to recreate one of these mastermind’s ideas, often improving on them with the help of modern-day technology.

In Tuesday’s episode “Racing Benz”, Dick and Dom learn all about Karl Benz, the man behind the first petrol-powered car!

Catch it on Da Vinci Kids, DStv Channel 318 and GOtv Channel 66, at 13:06 CAT.

Operation Ouch

This fun and educational programme revolves around human anatomy, medicine, and biology, with twin brothers and doctors, Dr Chris and Dr Xand van Tulleken, taking centre stage. The doctors conduct experiments relating to the human body to demonstrate how it works, often inviting viewers to perform their own, similar experiments at home.

In “Gob Smacking Growth Plates” which airs on Tuesday, the doctors tickle everyone’s funny bones by taking a light-hearted look at how bones grow. They also become midwives for a day.

Tune in at 17:30 CAT. It’s on Da Vinci Kids, DStv Channel 318 and GOtv Channel 66.

Blue’s Clues

Geared towards a pre-school audience, Blue’s Clues is an animated series that follows the adventures of a blue-spotted dog called Blue. In each episode, Blue leaves various clues in the form of paw prints so that viewers can try to figure out her plans for the day.

Tune in to “What Does Blue Want To Build?” on Tuesday 8, September to see if you and the kids can figure out what Blue wants to build.

Find it on Nick Toonz, DStv Channel 308, at 09:02 CAT.

Big School

This wonderful local African show for pre-school learning and literacy follows some loveable characters all around the world. Characters include Kika and Bob, who are on a mission to save Kika’s baby tiger, Tumi, who teaches BigFoot lots of new skills, and Raggs, who loves to dance. The show also broadcasts beautiful African lullabies and teaches kids all about the magic of Africa.

It’s all happening on Mindset Pop Primary, DStv Channel 317, at 14:00 CAT.

Grade 5 Language

The Mindset Pop Primary channel delivers live lessons daily for pre-school children, as well as for kids in grades four to nine. Grade 5 Language is just one of those lessons and seeks to assist children with their language development.

In Tuesday’s lesson, the kids will learn all about the simple present tense in English.

Change the channel to Mindset Pop Primary, DStv Channel 317, at 17:20 CAT and start learning!

Download the DStv Now app to enjoy live streaming services, and be sure to download the MyDStv app where you can manage your subscription from the comfort of your home. For those who have GOtv, download the MyGOtv app for all your self-service aids, such as clearing errors, paying your monthly account, changing packages, and many more.

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