Ykee Benda madly in love with Sheebah – He wants to ‘harvest’ her

Singer Wycliffe Tugume alias Ykee Benda has publicly expressed his love for Queen Karma – songstress Sheebah Karungi also simply known as Sheebah.

The two singers once teamed up to create a life and career-changing song when they sang ‘Farmer’ that was a hit allover Uganda. The song is still so relevant in Ykee and Sheebah’s musical journeys.

In their expression, Sheebah was the garden, and Ykee was the farmer, so he would come and ‘harvest beans’ from her well cultivated garden of Eden.

When Sheebah encouraged Ykee to ‘harvest’ her in the ‘farmer’ video

It seems Ykee took it personal when Sheebah said ‘nze nimiro gwe farmer’ which literally translates to ‘I’m your garden cultivate me your farmer’ – he now literally wants to harvest her.

The singer confessed it himself, he said, “This beautiful mama here is my crush!”

“My dear Farmer Sheebah. I love you,” Ykee expressed, accompanying his message with smiles, best wishes and a red heart to show pure love.

Sheebah has not yet replied to Ykee, but it doesn’t seem like he will ‘eat’ a proud woman who already seems so satisfied and so obsessed with her success.

It will also be hard for him to ‘dance her’ because it is widely said and believed that Queen Karma is only interested in ‘dancing’ fellow women and not men.

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