You can’t make money alone and call that success – Sudhir educates ambitious Ugandans

The Ruparelia Group boss has shared his thoughts on his success philosophy he lives by.

Mr Sudhir Ruparelia, a symbol of financial success in Uganda, having built his wealth brick by brick from downtown Kampala to number one property owner in Uganda’s capital, is worth listening to when he speaks.

Sudhir has set his family business on the rail of financial excellence with investments across Africa, Asia, and Europe, spanning real estate, education, finance, agriculture, and hospitality, among others.

Recently, Nepal consul in Uganda has been sharing tidbits of his success journey, which is peppered with anecdotes from his wealth of experience as an investor in Africa, and other economies.

Talking about how he defines success, Uganda’s richest man doesn’t see success in terms of running ahead of others, or filling one’s cabin with trophies.

Instead, he talks about walking the road to success with others – leaving no one behind.

“This is how I define success,” Sudhir said, “My success is when I see that I started a project, I created employment for people and at the same time, the people who are using my establishments are also making money from it.  That is my success. People who are with you must make money. You should not make money alone”.

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