You would be nowhere if it wasn’t for me-NBS TV Presenter Tuff B tells Bebe Cool

NBS TV KURT show host real name Robert Sekidde famously known as Tuff B has revealed how he forced the public to accept singer Bebe Cool and his music.

Tuff B was part of the Gagamel Music Band Group years back before quitting the label, saying he couldn’t agree on certain things with the singer.

Though he affirms the fact that him and Bebe Cool pushed each other’s music career, the “Dogolyo” singer during an exclusive interview has revealed how “Bba wa Zuena” credits him a lot as far as his career is concerned.

Wheras Tuff B cites that Bebe Cool is musically talented, he hasn’t yet forgotten how he sweated plasma way back in 2007 laying a strong foundation for Bebe Cool’s music career.
“He is a good musician or else I wouldn’t have believed in him in the first place. I forced the public to accept Bebe Cool and his music in 2007 and they indeed did so though we helped each other on the other side. ”

The singer also said that the ‘Love you Every day’ songster has a mediocre kind of brain compared Bobi Wine who is smart and an intelligent.

“Bebe Cool is a boy to me, I am a big man and can’t beef him no wonder he is fighting Mayinja for having joined NRM while Bobi Wine is centering his focus on the common cause and better living of the nationals.”

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