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Youth Killed For Stealing Phones in Church During Prayers

KENYA: A robbery suspect was on Tuesday, February 22, clobbered to death after allegedly stealing mobile phones at a Church in Kakamega.

Moses Juma alongside two other suspects allegedly carried out the robbery at the Mountain Movers church in Maraba area, in Kakamega county, in the wee hours of the morning.

The three are alleged to have walked into the church as the congregants were in the middle of morning prayers.

Pastor Daniel Akasamba of Mountain Movers church told Wananchi that the suspects entered the church at around 4 am as they were conducting prayers.

The pastor said that he was delighted at first to see three youths join them for the morning prayers – only for him to later learn that they were up to no good.

“We were deep in prayers inside the church when the music which was playing from a phone went quiet.

“I lifted my head up and was shocked to see the three dashing out,” the pastor said.

“The phone from which the music was playing and three other phones that were charging were gone,” the pastor told Mwananchi.

“I informed other congregants who in turn alerted the neighbours,” added Akasamba.

With the help of the locals, the three suspects were fished out from their hiding – but two managed to escaped.

“The residents pursued the three suspects. Two of them ran towards the same direction, but one ran on his own,” said Jeremiah Khachina, a resident.

According to Lewis Panyako, a resident in the area, one of the suspects walked bullishly towards the church compound after realizing that no one was pursuing him. It was then that the villagers beat him up, killing him.

Butsotso Central Chief Justus Mukoshi confirmed the incident.

He, however, warned locals against taking the law into their own hands.

“I want to ask our youths to engage in fruitful businesses. There are many businesses we can engage in to earn a living not stealing. Let’s venture into them,” said the Chief.

The body of the deceased was taken to Kakamega County General Teaching & Referral Hospital mortuary.

The matter was reported to Kakamega Central Police Station.

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