Zahara Toto celebrates 24th birthday

On Monday, the motormouth NBS TV presenter celebrated her birthday but to everyone’s surprise, she claimed to be 24 years old. This caused a swift backlash from fans who even went ahead to call her a vampire since she doesn’t grow in age.

Some fans apparently collected some data about her that shows she is 36 years old. According to that data, she was born in 1985, at Nsambya Hospital.

She was allegedly born from the family of Mr. Oman, who was a truck driver, and Ms. Betty Mbabazi who was a businesswoman in Kampala.

“… please I beg have mercy on us, 24 Zahara Toto?… I was 5 year by the time she was in Jamal’s video and now am 21 you tell me she is growing younger…” A fan claimed.

“Why do I feel sad? I’m 25! How can she be 24???? Isn’t she the one who used to dance in videos of oba obsessions, oba Blu 3, oba biki .. I was in primary school.” another fan wrote.
Data shows Zahara Totto is 36 years old.

Zahara Totto hasn’t come out to respond to these comments but we can be sure she will.
However, in all honesty, 24 seems too little an age for her. Especially if you keep track of history but in any case, this could also pass off as a joke to try and make her relevant on her day. Otherwise, we should learn something from the western world, they are always proud of their age, even the women.

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