Zahara Totto Exposes Slay Queens Filling Her Hubby’s Inbox with their Nude Pics

NBS Uncut show host Zahara Toto has threatened to release nude photos of slay queens who are throwing themselves on her new lover Rueben Roberts.

Days after reuniting with longtime boyfriend as the latter have been experiencing an on and off relationship, the NBS Uncut show host has turned out mean to any chic in town with intentions of wishing her to weep again by breaking her up with Reuben Robert through enticing him with their nude photos as she will be left with no option rather than exposing them and their nudes.

After being dumped by Don Solomon alias Big Papa, the TV Star through her Snapchat has opened up how she isn’t ready to lose love for the second time due to opportunistic slay queens who vibe her man through sending him nudes on their phone.

Given the fact that their romance is in air as they share even passwords of their phones, Totto is forever thankful for boyfriend Reuben Roberts’ utmost faithfulness and affection as she is positive of not being dumped again due to temptations from irresponsible slay queens.

“Been with Reuben for 8 years now, our relationship is exceptional. He is so disgusted by your nudes please stop tormenting my man with your ugly nudes. Any message, pictures or nudes that you send on our phone, am going to expose you! We are tired.

But Ugandan sluts… me and Reuben share the phone passwords and I see all nudes that you send him. You are embarrassing yourself so please stop stripping so low, he is not that man slut that will leave me for you, he is here to stay,” lamented Zahara Totto.

Zahara has been making headlines all over the internet following her dramatic breakup with Don Solomon, and before we could get over it, a few hours later she paraded intimate pictures and videos with Reuben, and just when we thought that drama was over, she is back with a nude scare scandal.

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