Airtel Uganda, Itel Unveil New Itel A70 Smartphone

Airtel Uganda, the pioneer of Uganda’s first 5G Network, has partnered with Itel to unveil the revolutionary Itel A70. The strategic partnership that happened Friday November 17 Sheraton Four Points, seeks to redefine smartphone accessibility, offering affordable yet feature-rich mobile technology to empower Ugandans.

The surge in smartphone demand in Uganda highlights the need for innovative and affordable devices. The Itel A70 addresses this demand by delivering an array of impressive features, emphasizing affordability, high performance, and an exceptional user experience.

While unveiling the device, Joweria Nabbaka, the Head Data, Devices said, “Airtel is delighted to collaborate with smartphone entities like itel to facilitate smartphone accessibility, supporting communities and enabling internet access to help them participate in opportunities that can be leveraged through Smartphones powered on the internet.”

Nabbaka added, “As we unveil this device, we are proud to emphasize our commitment to digital inclusion. Airtel Uganda is delighted to collaborate with Itel to make smartphones more accessible, supporting communities and enabling internet access. We understand that internet connectivity has evolved from a luxury to a necessity, facilitating communication, providing entertainment, and enabling business transactions. All AIRTEL UGANDA subscribers who purchase this phone will get a FREE 5GB of data, every month for the first 3 months of using the device”

The itel A70 device sets a new standard for entry-level smartphones, combining remarkable technological advancements with a high cost efficiency, catering specifically to users in emerging markets like Uganda

ITEL country manager, Mr. Martin Yan “The Itel brand was established in 2007 & by the end of 2022, ITEL had become one of the most popular mobile phones in Uganda. Today, we bring you affordable innovation & connectivity like never before, alongside AIRTEL UGANDA.”

“This is not just a product but a giveaway to our clients. Innovation has always been at the core of the ITEL mobile philosophy, which is what we led with for this phone. With this device, you will never have to worry about your storage getting full because it has expandable memory of up to 2 terabytes. This partnership with Airtel represents the fusion of cutting-edge technology with unparalleled connectivity, resulting in a synergy that’s bound to redefine how you experience the digital world.” said Ssajjabbi Henry, ITEL brand manager & regional manager

“This collaboration underscores our commitment to making smartphones more accessible and affordable for everyone, especially during this festive season when people are out to buy new gadgets. We also thank AIRTEL UGANDA for availing 5GB of data for 3 months, to everyone who buys this phone and inserts an Airtel Uganda line,” Digital Manager ITEL, Ms. Gloria Ashabahebwa concluded.

Hellen wabukaho from ITEL said “What makes the A70 awesome are it’s many features like; it’s 128GB internal storage which is also expandable to 2 terabytes, an HD+ 6.6 inch big screen,  an AI powered 5000 mAH battery with a Type-C port, a dynamic bar for your live notifications, Android 13 OS, and a 13MP camera system, all powered by an advanced Octa-core processor. The phone also comes in 4 color options; blue, green, gold & black. The launch offer for today is Shs285,000”

The itel A70 series will be available at authorized Airtel Uganda outlets across Uganda and can be accessed at EasyBuy at an initial deposit of only Shs. 106,841.

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