Singers Jose Chameleone, Ruger  Deliver Splendid Stellar Performances at Bol Abuk and Regina Lual Deluxe Wedding

Ugandan legendary top singer Jose Chameleone and Nigerian afrobeat sensation Ruger on Saturday evening delivered their A’games at the exquisite classy wedding celebration of Music Promoter Bol Abuk and Regina Lual.


The son of the late commander Kerbino Kuanyin Bol, a successful entrepreneur, made rounds, painted social media black and blue when he became overwhelmed with tears of joy during the exchange of vows with his beloved at a Juba hotel.

The two love birds showing off their wedding rings.

At the event, Ruger, a very talented musician known for his distinctive eye patch, made a surprise unwavering appearance at the event to entertain the guests.

The well-lit venue with Classy decoration.

The ‘Bounce’ hitmaker disclosed his happiness for Bol Abuk, letting the guests know how he had to travel all the way from Nigeria just to attend the wedding ceremony. “I am so delighted for you, my brother. I had to travel from Nigeria to show you my love, my brother.”

Ruger as well praised the bride, saying, she is soo beautiful and wonderful.  “I love you, my bro. You have found a wonderful woman here. You have me.”

The singer also shared his anticipation of getting married someday and experiencing a similar moment.

“I am eagerly awaiting the day I will be married too. Do you understand what I’m saying? And you must come to my wedding. Yes, you must attend my wedding,” addressing Bol Abuk amidst an enthusiastic crowd.

The wedding also featured performances by various musicians, including Uganda’s top legendary singer Jose Chameleone, Tanzania’s Jux and South Sudan’s Alijioma Mabil.

So, should we assume that South Sudan is a secure destination now, allowing foreign musicians to perform without any safety concerns or restrictions? Well, that’s a discussion for another day!

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