Arcades flouting Covid-19 directives revealed, to be closed

The Joint Security Taskforce on Covid-19 has today named 25 shopping complexes in Kampala that are not following the directives issued by the government to limit the spread of coronavirus.

Police Spokesman Fred Enanga named the culprits that now face sanctioning as Nansamba Arcade, E Tower, Superior Complex, Sun City Plaza, Zainabu Aziza Plaza, Mini Price Plaza, Kasiiwukira Plaza, Qualicell House, God’s Grace Arcade, Majestic Plaza, Rafic Arcade, Ssembatya Arcade, White House Arcade, Qualicel Arcade, French Plaza, Total Plaza, Shamba Arcade, Trade Link Complex, Trans Nile Link plaza, Boost House, Rutunga House,  Kabale Arcade, Batia Towers, Skylight Arcade and Shauriako Plaza.

“We are generating this report to ensure that sanctions are taken against them and we are coming up with this new arrangement of naming and shaming,” Enanga said.

The Standard Operating Procedures [SOPs] that the government issued to arcades before they were allowed to open include providing hand washing facilities, using temperature guns to check everybody entering the premises and enforcing wearing of face masks and social distancing among others.

Meanwhile, Enanga applauded another set of arcades for following all the SOPs that the government issued.

The compliant arcades include,  Mukwano mall, Mackay mall, Equatorial mall, Tropical plaza, Sanana supermarket, Kooki tower, Urban supermarket, Mabirizi Plaza, Collins books and media Centre, Prism plaza, Arua park plaza, People’s plaza, Modern Shoplex, Kati Kati plaza, Zaid plaza, Green House Shops, King Fahad Plaza, Titanic Plaza, London Chambers, Prime Complex, Monday Towers, The Mall, Ivory Plaza, Mutaasa Kafeero plaza, Bamako House, Namaganda Plaza, Master Electronic Plaza, Sure House, Tweze Plaza and Grand Corner House.

The police also applauded bus terminals such as Namayiba bus terminal, Link bus terminal, Global bus terminal, Kalita bus terminal, Gaagaa bus terminal, Uganda bus terminal, Baby Coach bus terminal, New taxi park, Namirembe bus park and Usafi taxi park as also being compliant in implementing the SOPs.   Enanga said police are going to intensify their operations of arresting and impounding motor vehicles and boda bodas that are flouting the rules. Last week, Police in Kampala Metropolitan Area impounded 1,363 boda bodas for not following SOPs such as not carrying more than one passenger and moving past the 6PM curfew time.  At regional level, Enanga pointed out Moroto district as leading in enforcing coronavirus restrictions.

“Every vehicle that enters Moroto district is taken through a thorough screening process,” he said. As you enter you all come out, they use a temperature gun to check each and every one, they inspect the vehicles to see whether they are carrying the right number of passengers and also ensuring that whoever is entering Moroto district has a face mask,” Enanga said.   Police’s heightened vigilance comes at a time when the country is registering an unprecedented number of people getting infected with coronavirus. In a space of one week, more than 1000 people have tested positive for coronavirus while 29 have so far lost their lives.

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