Bad Black Reveals Why She Became a Prostitute

Shanitah Namuyimbwa commonly known as Bad Black has revealed why she ended up working as a prostitute.

During a church service at Pastor Wilson Bugembe’s Worship House on Sunday Bugembe asked Bad Black why people call her the president of prostitutes and she said that it’s because she used to work as a prostitute and now it’s part of her past.

According to the self-proclaimed ‘masoolo queen’ she knows all the problems prostitutes face and understands why most girls end up on the street selling their bodies to survive.

“I believe no lady dreams of becoming a prostitute but problems push them into prostitution. I left home because of torture from my mother. I went to Nakasero Street where I started to work as a prostitute, I believe there are more girls who also left their homes because of torture,” she said.

The 31-year-old, mother of four also opened up on how she’s not yet ready for marriage and doesn’t think that she can handle marriage because it needs commitment which she is not willing to give.

“I am not single but not ready for marriage now because it requires commitment for which am not ready to dedicate my life yet since I have lots of things I want to do,” said Bad Black.

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