Bob Marley begged me to Carry Reggae Music Flag High-Fresh Daddy Speaks out on his discussion with late Bob Marley

Fresh Daddy real name Paul Mutabazi has revealed that late Bob Marley appeared to him in a dream and begged him to take up the mantle and raise up the Reggae music flag high.

“We talked, he asked me to be his replacement as Reggae music is now loosing meaning,and I am not about to let him down,” he said.

The ‘Mazike’ songster who has already recorded a new music track dubbed “One day” claims in his dream and conversation with reggae maestro Bob Marley,the legend was giving him props.

Some of his fans and music lovers really wonder whether Fresh Daddy’s dream valid since the so-called singer’s major form of communication is in Luganda, a language not known by the deceased Jamaican singer and writer but claims they spoke in Jamaican slang ‘Patios.’
“He came to be and said wagwan wagwan, wayasay, deya deya.

I picked some words I could understand and left the rest.

What is important is he asked me to replace him,” Fresh Daddy claimed.

It should be remembered that singer Khalifer Aganaga who wrote one of the two only songs to Fresh Daddy’s name, says the ‘Mazike’ singer has no talent and cannot sing at all.

“Forget what some haters say that I don’t have talent and so forth,I am not ready to give up any soon or later, a reason I am to take up Bob Marley’s dream seriously,”he added.

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