Bobi Wine on spot for abandoning slain driver Kawuma’s family

Former National Unity Platform (NUP) supporter and events manager Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo has lambasted party principal Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine for abandoning the family of his slain driver Yasiin Kawuma.

In an Interview recently, Bajjo revealed that the family has not been able to raise enough money to take care of the family as well as taking their children to school.

During his recent visit to the family, the now NRM ardent fan, Bajjo gave the deceased’s widows Shs1.5million each and recommended they use the money to start up small businesses to sustain them as he does not expect them to be helped by those who employed their husband.

He said the money was a contribution from Traditional Healer Sylvia Namutebi alias Mama Fina, and that he would come back to give them more should they put the initial contribution to better use.

“Take this money and make income-generating activities to sustain yourselves. I want to assure you that no one is going to come to help you, those you expect are busy claiming to be in the struggle, they won’t come,” Bajjo said.

“Kawuma saved the life of someone, he saved Bobi Wine but his family is now abandoned. You cannot claim to be taking Ugandans to the promised land but abandon the people of Kawuma. This family needed so much support, so much unity, they needed to be looked after,” he added.

Bajjo claimed he would be using the opportunity to visit families of Bobi Wine supporters and reassuring them with support.

“I am now going to visit the family of the late Ritah Nabukenya too. Then I will visit the families of all those people who have died in this stupid chaos of Bobi Wine and will support them because he has failed to do so,” he said.


  1. If an employee died on duty, it is not the responsibility of the employer to look after the deceased’s family after. The driver was on job and was being paid, and he agreed to the job despite the expectations being the worst case scenarios. So, to me really thus is a no brained to keep in dragging.

  2. You go and visit all the families of people who lost their lives across the country in the so called liberation war. Many have never even been compensated for their property and animals that were forcefully eaten on gun point, if u finish that job well done,go make your piggish woman full figure pregnant of triplets

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