Kiwanuka, Principal Judge Flavian Misusing Political Power to Undermine the Independence of the Judiciary

Kiryowa Kiwanuka Claims that he facilitated the appointment of Flavian Zieja as the Principal Judge and Zeija is bound to return the favor through exploiting and compromising each and every case that KK handles in the courts of law thereby compromising the Independence of the Judiciary.

Kiryowa Kiwanuka Nsumikambi Mugambe commonly known as Kiryowa Kiwanuka, the 47-year-old lawyer and High Court Advocate finished his bar course in 1997. In 2000, he opened up a private firm – Kiryowa Kiwanuka and Company advocates which lasted for only seven months. In 2001, he partnered with President Museveni son-in-law; Mr. Edwin Karugire, and formed Kiwanuka and Karugire Advocates and Solicitors in 2001 which has since changed to K & K advocates.

Mr. Karugire is a very silent, humble and down to earth gentleman despite being the president’s son in law. On the other hand, Mr. Kilwowa Kiwanuka who is a mere partner is aggressively using Mr. Karugire Position as a first family member to antagonize the entire Judiciary in the interest of all foreign firms, not just limited to banks at the cost of the development of Ugandans and our motherland at large using political power.

He also sits on both Makerere University Governing Council and Appointments Board; where he is referred to as the “Defacto Council chairman.”  There was total chaos at the University in May 2020 as senior managers quit saying Kiwanuka Kiryowa (KK) is mistreating them.

It is also believed that Flavian Zieja as the principal Judge is merely used as a puppet in KK’s cases as he only signs documents drafted and prepared by K & K including the rulings; according to Intel from our reliable high court source.

Given his partnership with Mr. Karugire: Kilyowa Kiwanuka is exploiting Mr. Karugire’s political weight against ordinary Ugandans and bullying around judicial officers thus undermining independence of the Judiciary and misusing this attachment to government to exploit fellow Ugandans without the President’s knowledge which in the end is painting a very bad picture of the government to the public when in reality these are mere actions of a self-Centered individuals like Kilyowa Kiwanuka and Flavian Zieja.

One can wonder whether Uganda as a whole nation can ever get full total independence when it’s key Organs like the Judiciary that is believed to be fully independent is under siege by individuals like Kiryowa who undermines the Courts of law and orders judicial officers on how specific cases should be determined.

Our intel from our insider credible source also reveal that DTB having been fully aware that it had carried out mass fraud on Ham Enterprises accounts with zero chances of ever winning the case on legal grounds in the courts of law, Diamond Trust Bank sought Kiryowa’s services given the fact that he has always misused his political attachment to Mr. Karugire Edwin and influence to  intimidate the High Court officials and  Judges in the determination of cases which fact has been evidently witnessed in the Ham Enterprises Vs. DTB case.

Many Ugandans had got hope and developed confidence in the Courts of Law and the Entire Judiciary given the fact the High Court issued issue directives to Bank of Uganda which is the implementing authority under the Financial Authorities Act 2 of 2004 As Amended to take such necessary actions and measures to ensure that the provisions of the law is implemented in accordance with the intention of the law such as to protect the Ugandan economy from illegal hemorrhages and uncontrolled flows of financial resources and to ensure that financial institutional business in Uganda is operated within the letter of the law to protect the nascent banking business industry in Uganda.

This implies that money laundering that involves uncontrolled flows of financial resources, tax evasion among others in our economy by foreigners has been checked and corrected by Court, as provided in the constitution of Uganda but it is very absurd that individuals like Kiryowa Kiwanuka and Flavian are undermining the courts of law and trying to overturn the court judgment at: the cost of Ugandans and Independence of our economy.

This leaves us wondering whether Kiryowa Kiwanuka owns the Ugandan Courts of Law as he claims amongst lawyers and Judges yet we are fully aware that the president on several occasions in all his speeches has warned against such actions that undermine prosperity of Ugandans and the sovereignty of our nation.

Is Flavian above the Chief Justice and Judicial Service Commission?

Given the fact that the Judicial Service Commission and the Chief Justice went mute despite petition by Ham and Lawyers regarding the conduct of Uganda’s Principal Judge Flavian Zeija, we are wondering whether Kiryowa Kiwanuka has intimidated them too following the flow of events at the Judiciary! Because under ordinary legal procedures, where a complaint has been lodged against a judicial officer, he would recuse himself from the case to allow justice take its course, but to our surprise despite the fact that he had initially unlawfully hijacked the file from the commercial division, Flavian still proceeded to determine the application on the file thus undermining the complaint, the Chief Justice, the Judicial Service commission and the entire Judicial System.

It is a fact that we Ugandans own the Judiciary which should stand independent to administer Justice to Ugandans, uphold democratic principles, protect the constitution and safeguard human rights.

How do Ugandans expect to receive justice in the current judicial system when the very high ranking officers that are supposed to administer justice stand compromised yet still not answerable to the Judicial Service Commission where a complaint ordinary Ugandans against such officers can just be ignored?

So many Ugandans have suffered the wrath of such selfish individuals disguising to be fronting interests of the government yet all they have done is frustrate the development of our nation and keep our country in the third world status where it currently stands.

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