Bobi Wine’s net worth skyrockets, becomes richest musician in East Africa

Robert Kyagulanyi, a.k.a. Bobi Wine, may have achieved international recognition as a politician in 2021 during the general elections in which he stood for Uganda’s most highly desired seat, but that is not the first time his name has crossed boundaries.

Before trying his hand at politics, Bobi Wine was one of East Africa’s biggest names in the music industry. His career in music, politics, and business has earned him immense wealth, and he is currently considered the East African artist with the highest net worth.

Diamond Platinumz, one of the richest musicians in East Africa has applauded Bobi Wine for the spirit and focus though he is not much into music.

Despite all that, Bobi is not struggling financially just like perhaps other people think. Actually, his net worth has skyrocketed; approximately to over 12$ million of all assets, brand and liabilities. In Uganda shillings he is valued at over 39 billion.

Bobi Wine and family on one of his yatches

He comes from a simple and humble family, and his wealth is assumed to be accumulated legally.

Bobi wine has been a musician, an actor, a businessman as well a politician. He owns One Love Beach in Busabala, buildings in Kamwokya and his home town, Gomba. He also owns a swanky home in Magere.

He has a fleet of posh cars including a Bullet proof Toyota Land Cruiser V8 which he acquired recently courtesy of his caring fans.

Bobi's armored car packed at his swanky home in Magere

Before entering into active politics where he mints UGX 30M monthly, Bobi Wine could mostly earn his money from his local performance. On top of the monthly salary, the Kyarenga singer apparently gets huge sums from donors..

Today, Bobi wine does not own a Chopper that measures the wealth of celebrities, but he hires some private helicopters to facilitate his movement across the country.

Recently his fans and supporters promised to buy him a private jet, so he can execute struggle missions immaculately.

Like he sings in his Matyansi Butyampa song…” Happiness is a true reward of hard work, but what about me who doesn’t work hard but works smart, I call it niceness…”. Bazzinyi borrow a leaf from the Ghetto champ and work smart.

Bobi's One Love Beach
Bobi’s One Love Beach

Bobi Wine’s net worth-12 $ million

Other musician’s ratings

Jose Chameleone -9$ Millions

Diamond Platnumz- 7$ Millions

Jaguar- 6.7 $ Millions

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