Bukedea: NUP’s MP Aspirant Ekoom Stephen Accuses NRM Leadership of Staging ‘Fake’ Defectors in the District

As the 2021 general elections near with only 3days left to the D-day,The National Patform (NUP) candidate for Bukedea county Ekoom Stephen has attacked the Bukedea district NRM leadership for staging fake defectors.

While speaking this website,Ekoom said that ruling party leadership handpicked a number of NRM youth in Bukedea and claimed that they defected from NUP.

“This is a joke of the year, we don’t have people called mobilizers neither do we know the people paraded here,” Ekoom said.

He added,”The actual truth is that one of our members called David defected about two weeks ago, the rest are NRM defecting to NRM.”

Ekoom also assured that National Unity Platform is gaining strength in the district after receiving several defectors from NRM.

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