Bukomansimbi: Why NUP MP Campaigns flopped Over the Weekend

At the end of the week, it was said that Members of Parliament aspirants under the National Unity Platform in Bukomansimbi held campaigns in Bukomansimbi but they were not successful.

Kampala Sqoop received information that the campaign rally that was meant to take place at Mutenga town council at St Jude Play ground was shunned by the locals even when they had announced that there will be celebrity singers including Geofrey Lutaaya among others to entertain the voters.

According to our sources in Bukomansimbi, the candidates that were meant to campaign included Kayemba Solo who is vying for MP seat of Bukomansimbi South, Hon Veronica Nanyondo who is the incumbent but again is returning for another term and Francis Nyende among others.

Kampala Sqoop understands that the reason the people of Bukomansimbi refused to attend the rally is because of the fact that the candidates in question are not in any way capable of leading the people of Bukomansimbi and on top of it all, Hon Nanyondo who wants to return for another term,has not done anything to the people of Bukomansimbi in the 5 years she has been in office.

We have reliable information that candidates stood in the pitch for hours waiting for people but in vain and they were later on seen leaving the venue one by one.

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