68-year-old man arrested in Bukedea for sleeping with son’s wife

By George Emuron

The clan court of Itepesi ikaribwok in Adidinga village in Kocheka parish in Kocheka subcounty in bukedea district on Saturday caned a 68-year-old man for allegedly sleeping with his son’s wife.

John Kokas Oonyu the clan chairperson said that Ogwapit was caught red handed in a ‘missionary style’ with Esther Atukei the wife to Julius Onaje (his son).

Oonyu confirmed that Ogwapit after he was arrested accepted his mistake and the clan together with local council authorities punished the two (couple) with ten strokes each and they were taken to Aloet police post.

Julius Onaje the owner of the wife acted to hand over the wife to the old man since they have shown interest in the relationship.

Clan leaders and local council leaders condemned the act and said it’s the first time for such bad character to happen in their village.

Wilbroad Oile the o/c station Aloet police post when reached on phone said his office is still investigating the matter.

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