City Man-Eater Zahara Totto Dumps New Boyfriend Reuben, Kisses Don Bahati Live On Camera

City rumor-monger queen, fieldmarshall entertainer Zahara Totto is a woman of all seasons who is not bothered by what the public will say about her, she indeed lives and enjoyed her own life like no one else.

The NBS TV presenter has proven she can get all she wants when it comes to changing men after running to Bed with moneybags Don Bahati.

In a single year, the NBS TV Uncut show host has already awarded her Sumbie to three men, at least those Boom Gossip has witnessed, from Don Solomon to Reuben and now Don Bahati. Who knows how many she has not posted about?

A reliable source revealed to us that Reuben and the TV star were no longer an item. However, Reuben rubbished the allegation with Zahara going Awol and now everything is coming to light.

The University of pain CEO came out to trash the romour saying Zahara is his life and they are still together.

“Guys, I’m sorry, but it’s time to fuckin’ grow up… Fieldmashall Entertainer Z Totto and #MrHeavy can’t be together all the time. She’s a professional entertainer and I’m a serial entrepreneur – life dictates that we can’t be together all the fuckin’ time. Yes, it sucks – more than you could EVER imagine. But being apart means our times together are more precious than anyone thinks. So f*ck you and f*ck your opinions – the only thing that matters to me is her. #nomatterthedistance #DJzato #thisisuganda,” – stated Reuben Robert.

However, according to the pictures posted on Zahara’s snap chat today, the almost now city prostitute has hooked up with someone else and that is Don Bahati.

Basing on the pictures, the motormouthed presenter and Dj met with Don Bahati after her SNL presentation on NBS last night. In the pictures, she is seen having fun with the rich gang member as their lips are locked into each other’s mouth having a sip on each other’s saliva while Don showers Zahara what she likes most (Money).

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