You are such a useless Idiot,Mouse, Stupid thing-Singer Catherine Kusasira attacks Balam

All is not well with Events promoter Balam Barugahara and singer and Presidential advisor for Kampala Catherine Kusasira.


The two have clashed with Kusasira calling Balam names bucked up with strong abuses such as useless idiot and lost Sheep among others.

Here is Kusasira’s message to Balam;

“The recent words i spoke through the media, i continuously tell and curse you #TheUseIdiot, you’re such a traitor i’ve ever seen, a stupid thing i’ve ever seen, someone who pretend to be rich with good heart yet you’re a mice, like a lost sheep in a forest, you just go on jumping on to everyone passing by you…

You mediocre, i want you to know that I gat exhausted of you to an extent that am like vomiting you now. You backbite people, destroyed my name at my President thinking i will be chased from doing his work but you ashamed yourself, just know am a full Senior Presidential Advisor For Kampala with endorsed papers from himself the President, which for you’re just a lousy citizen who’s there to destruct people.”

Kusasira also warned Balam to stop stepping on other people’s luck and start treating people right if he is to achieve in life.

“And lastly today, i want you to know that never step in someone’s Luck.. go listen carefully to my song i sang ‘Ssi Ddogo’ and ‘Omukisa gwanumo’ of G.Lutaaya and get someone who can interpret for you the meaning in those two songs, you’ll never achieve if you don’t want to wish good to someone, you’ll stay as a lost mole amongst the mice.

Balam, is someone who shows his niceness among other people but on other side he betrays you. Recently when I went to Mbarara I heard rumors from my people saying that his Excellency gave me money for all Artists in Uganda and I ate it, something that made me very mad at him. He’s someone who claims to be good in people but in reality he’s not.

You have led to the failures of most useful projects for the state, like many youth projects have failed because of you.”

Kusasira also claims that Balam has hindered the meeting of many useful people including; Artists,Politicians and Businessmen among others with Museveni.

“But who do you think are you in Uganda?

You pretend to be more Loyal to the President and the NRM Party, yet you betray the success of their project, leading to failure and bad say about our party and the president at large.

And you’re such people that have led to failure of quick successful progress of our country, Uganda.

Just know, one day you’ll face it more rough than now!!!

Today, am stopping talking, passing your name in my mouth and never shall I do so no matter what!!!

For God and My Country,Sevo after Sevo,” she concluded.

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  1. That’s is the end process of selling your broth and brains to the lowest bidders,weep not child you mistook your first taste of bubble gum for everlasting sweetness. Be ready to treat a long time ulcer

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