Disgusting! Maid confesses to using her urine, menstrual blood to cook for her employers

A 40-year-old housemaid has confessed that she used her urine and menstrual blood to prepare food for her employers because they refused to pay her salaries for many months.

A Zimbabwean newspaper, Weekend Post, reports that the woman, Netsai Chigairo, made the startling confession at a church where she had gone for a deliverance service in the in Chitungwiza region, 30 kilometers south-east of the Harare city.

It was gathered that the housemaid who is from the Mhondoro area shocked the church members when she confessed that she has been mixing her menstrual blood and urine in the food she serves her employers for a long time in protest over her outstanding wages.

Chigariro reportedly made the shocking revelation at a service held at the New Revelation Ministries at Unit L Community Hall in Chitungwiza on Saturday.

She was quoted as saying:

“My employers had gone for four months without paying me; they were not even willing to increase my monthly wage. They chose to splash money on petty things at my expense and as a result, there was nothing I could do so I fixed them through the food.

I used to cook their food with menstrual blood and urine. On another day, I collected blood from a dying cat and put some of its blood in tomato sauce. Their favourite food was scrambled eggs hence I usually fixed them through eggs.

It’s a pity it happened but I promise to be a good and trusted maid in future.”

Chigariro added that she was employed by a family in Borrowdale suburb in Harare before she quit the job.

The General Overseer of the church who presided over the deliverance service, Miracle Paul, said Chigariro’s acts were inspired by the devil.

“The devil took advantage of her; she did not know what she was doing as the devil was at work. She was being used to advance the devil’s mission and agenda,” Paul said.

This is not the first time a housemaid has committed such atrocity as a 19-year-old maid was caught by a Close Circuit Camera installed by her employer in Kenya, urinating in a pot of soup she was preparing.

When she was handed over to the police, the girl said she took the action to punish her bosses and their family for maltreating her.

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