I’m not eating Fik Fameica’s banana – Lydia Jazmine

Singer Lydia Jazmine has always dismissed allegations of having a relationship with the self-proclaimed ‘Freshest Nigga around town’ Fik Fameica.

Jazmine has yet again cleared any doubts about her relationship with the “Mafia” singer while speaking in an interview on one of the local radio stations.

Lydia Jazmine went on to state that her relationship with Fik Fameica is only based on friendship and reasoned that the pair are rumored to be involved in a relationship because he is currently the best male artiste with whom she relates better and more openly.

“I am not having any entanglements with Fik Fameica. He is just my open friend with whom I relate to more openly. That is the only reason as to why people claim that we are having entanglements,” the artist stated.

When asked about her relationship with Eddy Kenzo, Lydia Jazmine mentained that they are still close friends as well though the two have taken quite long to meet bearing that Kenzo was trapped in Ivory Coast due to the Covid Pandemic and also quarantined upon return.

She heaped praises on Eddy Kenzo stating how he is her musical dad basing on the hand he gave her in the music industry.

The names Lydia Jazmine and Fik Fameica have appeared in the same statement for a while now with rumors spreading that the two celebrities are secretly dating.

Photos have also made rounds on social media showing both enjoying each other’s company, too close to each other in a manner that would suggest they are more than just friends and workmates.

However, despite all the suggestions, the rapper and singer have rubbished the rumors and claim they are only friends who enjoy working together since they operate in the same business.

Even before Lydia Jazmine acted as a vixen in rapper’s Muko video, there were rumors circulating that the two were seeing each other under the cover.

They denied all the rumors, then the video was released and the chemistry was a bit evident. The two maintained that theirs was a music-related relationship.

Fik Fameica has had on and off love affairs with some renowned figures in the entertainment industry including Sheilah Gashumba.

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