Drama as Minister refuses to concede defeat, rejects results

National Resistance Movement- NRM Electoral Commission officials in Sembabule district have found a hard time to present results from the parliamentary party primaries.

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Three top contenders for parliamentary party tickets in the district have rejected the poll results saying they are doctored.

They are the Works State Minister, Joy Kafura Kabasti, Vincent Kimbugwe and Jovanice Twongyeirwe. According to the results issued by Robert Ssesanga, who oversaw the polls in Lwemiyaga county, Kabatsi lost to the incumbent Theodore Ssekikubo who collected 12,179 against 5,645 votes.

In Mwaogola county, Vincent Kimbugwe suffered defeat to Oswaldo Byuma who polled 34,994 votes against 1,135 while Jovanice Twongyeirwe was beaten by Mary Begumisa in the race for the NRM party ticket for Sembabule Woman MP seat.

According to preliminary polls, Begumisa polled 31,994 votes against 1,772 votes collected by her rival. This excludes results from two constituencies where voting was called off. The trio has since rejected the poll result accusing the registrars of conniving with their competitors to alter the final tally.

According to Kabasti and Twongyeirwe, several sub-county registrars were kidnapped for hours as they transmitted the declaration forms to the district tally centre, arguing that there is no way the results can remain reliable. They vowed to challenge the results at a higher level.

Vincent Kimbugwe also contends that the number of votes from several villages exceeds the number of known voters there which is a clear indicator of malpractice. He accused the district registrar of deliberately relaying doctored results.

But Robert Ssesanga, who supervised the polls in Sembabule has challenged the aggrieved parties to present evidence of the alleged malpractice. He says the candidates were making baseless allegations without any proof.

The primaries in Mawogola North and Mawogola South were called off by the NRM Electoral Commission after some candidates complained of violence against their supporters during campaigns.

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