Mafias Jumped The Gate But Am Still The Gateway Of Koboko, Anite Roars Again

The State Minister for Finance in charge of Investment and Privatization Evelyn Anite has conceded defeat to Dr. Charles Ayume in the acrimonious battle for flagbearer of the ruling NRM party for Koboko Municipality.

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“The election has been full of chaos. My agents have been beaten up, they have ferried people to come and disorganize us,” she said.

According to results, Anite polled 7321 votes against Ayume’s 8089 in a hotly contested election.

Anite said that it’s a big win for opposition which had failed to penetrate the area during her time as MP.

Shee said the opposition is celebrating her loss because they have been supporting Ayume who ferried goons from nearby towns of Arua and Yumbe to cause commotion and also rig the election.

She insists that she lost a battle not war and her popularity in the area in unquestionable.

“I didn’t lose as Anite but rather NRM lost and opposition won. Because all People Power and FDC campaign managers were supporting Charles,” Anite told NBSTV on Saturday.

She maintains that she is the gateway of Koboko.

“That is undisputed. I am the gateway of Koboko although robbers jumped the gate and stole the election,” she added.

Anite who decried irregularities said she wouldn’t go against the party rules to stand as Independent.

Prior to the election, Anite has predicted a sail-through for her after declaring that she doesn’t view it as a tough race.

“There is nothing like a tough race. What I expect out of the election is wining by 80 percent. If you have hate because of the love, passion and work of Anite because my progress, close your eyes because it is very dangerous for you. You will collapse for nothing,” the minister said in an interview with NBS Television on Thursday.

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