Fearless Ssemujju roasts Elly Tumwiine live on TV

Security Minister Gen. Elly Tumwiine faced it rough on Wednesday night on ‘Behind the Headlines’ show on UBC after the Kiira municipality legislator and FDC mouthpiece Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda castigated him on air over his insensitive remarks glorifying violence that left over 50 Ugandans dead last week.

“The General blames everybody except himself. Majority of the people you killed were bystanders, and you don’t feel sorry?. You should change the way you speak. You’re an elder now, you shouldn’t be speaking like an iron fisted young man who went to Luwero,” charged Ssemujju.

“You were fighting with Oulanyah in parliament and you claim to be disciplined,” he added.

Tumwiine who okayed the shootings and approved the atrocities of the police and military could not withstand the debate on UBC TV after the Kiira municipality MP smartly lambasted him for his insensitivity.

He reminded him of all his confrontational approaches on fellow legislators in parliament. Gen. Tumwiine has always been summoned by the parliamentary disciplinary committee to defend himself for his assaults against MPs like Jacob Oulanyah (Deputy Speaker) and Cecilia Ogwal whom he last year aimed a pistol at following a verbal clash on the floor of parliament.

In Gen. Tumwiine’s defence, he stressed that the opposition is sowing the seeds of hate and divisions that may steer the country into the times of genocide.

“The genocide language that accompanied the violence where the so far calles representatives, I don’t know whether they represent Buganda because I am yet to hear whether the leadership of Baganda are coming out to either own these people or deny them who are threatening other tribes,” he said.

“I am yet to hear a Buganda official saying these people were not speaking on our behalf because it’s not in the interest of any tribe for anybody to speak a genocide language which threatens the peaceful coexistence of the people,” he added.

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