FULL LIST: Internal affairs minister releases names of missing Ugandans

The Internal affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odongo has this afternoon laid on Table the list of 177 missing persons.

Odogo says out of the 177 missing persons, 43 were arrested during riots, 156 for being in possession of military ‘stocks’ and 7 for holding meetings aimed at causing post election.

“The public is encouraged to check with the Police Headquarters of the whereabouts of their missing persons and to get permission to visit them” Minister Odongo.

The Minister added that “However in doing so we should maintain SOPs and ovoid overcrowding”.

According to his summary, there are 43 persons arrested for participating in the riots, 156 found in possession of military stores and 17 arrested from meetings planning post-election violence, 06 persons were released on police bond.

“Today am presenting to you a list of 177 names clearly identifying the person, the date when the person was arrested. The place where the person was arrested from, the reason why the person was arrested and the case management history,” Gen. Jeje Odongo

Below is the list;

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