FULL STORY: How ‘Murderer’ Kanyamunyu Rushed To Late Akena’s Family For Cleansing

Embattled city businessman, Mathew Kanyamunyu who is battling murder case is in Acholi region to perform “Matto Oput” ceremony at the late Kenneth Akena’s family home.

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This is cultural ritual ceremony  done to prevent the spirit of the dead person from disturbing the purported killer.

It is also meant for reconciliation purposes and washing the deceased blood away from the purported killer’s hands.

It is also for reconciliation purposes between the families who have been made enemies because of that particular death. Journalists have not been allowed at the ceremony.

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However, photos have emerged showing Kanyamunyu on his knees seeking forgiveness from the Acholi people.

Kanyamunyu is accused of shooting dead Akena a community based social worker in a car scratch brawl at Lugogo, Kampala in November 2016 alongside his girlfriend Cynthia Munwangari.

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