Furious Woman Turns Husband into Pig for Cheating on her

A woman last week bewitched her cheating husband into a pig-pike creature that had everyone talking in the village.

She found out that her husband was not only cheating on her but was as well married to another woman and sighed 2 kids with her in another village not far away from where they lived in South Africa.

The man later on confessed to his affair with the other woman to his wife when she found a secret phone is her husband’s car and another ring in his dashboard.

She found massages from this other women that fully explained that they have been married for 7 years and had previously just celebrated their anniversary.

Earlier that weekend, he lied that he had a distant relative who had passed on and lived very far away from them.

“I will be going to attend the funeral all by myself,” he lied to his wife just like he had been in the past 7 years.

The wife was so furious after finding out the truth about the whole thing, she called him a Dog than said a dog is even better he is a pig and she will make him look like one.

The next morning the husband woke up looking like a pig and she (wife) while laughing, said, “That’s exactly what you are.”

She went ahead and divorced him.

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