Spice Diana features Beckie Johnz on ‘Good Crazy’ 

Spice Diana is arguably the best female artist in the country. She has over the years proved that she is here to stay with the amazing touch that has seen her keep at the top of the charts.
The self-proclaimed Star Gyal has featured Australian singer Beckie Johnz on a brand new song and the brand new video is just out of this world.
Beckie Johnz was born in Ethiopia and mostly grew up in Kenya and only went to Australia in 2005 when she was 15 years old. In her early teens, Beckie grew up in a Christian family, whereby she went to church and was involved in a choir.
Singer Beckie Johnz.
While growing up, Johnz got her inspiration to sing from artists like Nyankol Mathiang Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, usher Raymond, Alicia Keys, and Toni Braxton, Keysha cole as well as the Destiny Child.
Beckie Johnz brings explosive energy into Good Crazy, a dancehall banger that was produced by Daddy Andre and finished off with a massive video that was shot by Jack Graphics.

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