Goodbye Covid-19? Scientist Finally Reveals Fruit That Cures Corona Virus

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic took over the world and our lives, we’ve been waiting for a day for a vaccine to take down the novel coronavirus.

As the nation’s halts to a possible covid -19 vaccine, World Health Organization chief, Dr Tedros has issued a statement, calling nations to join and make a united global pact in regards to the vaccine, to ensure that all countries are catered for irrespective of their status.

Dr Tedros noted that he has already sent out letters to all WHO members state, urging them to participate in the global vaccine pact (Covax global vaccines facility).

Since the first case of corona virus in the world, attempts to discover its vaccine has been done by scientists all over the world. This has led to emergence of a global summit that is controlled by the United Kingdom (UK) and those in attendance are the heads of governments and business leaders. The meeting is conducted via zoom.

Zoom is an online teleconferencing with or without the video. This has help reduce the number of corona virus spread in the country.

The aim of this meeting is to ensure that any corona virus vaccine will be available to all those who are in need of it globally. Over 8.8 billion dollars been raised through the summit to fund the program for the years to come.

It is great news following a great breakthrough that has been announced by Indonesia scientists, whom have come up with a fruit that has proven to work against covid-19 disease and cure it.

In a press conference held on Friday August 28, 2020 two researchers Dr Rey Mondeja and Professor Fabian Dayrit, revealed that coconut fruit could be the vaccine that is being looked for by scientists worldwide. They have revealed that the most vital component of the coconut that they have used is the coconut virgin oil extracted from fresh coconut and has shown tremendous results against the virus.

The researchers have revealed that most study on the coconut fruit as a whole needs more research as it has proven to have anti-viral properties and anti-bacterial properties.

This comes in as scientist across the globe are working a notch higher aiming towards saving the human kind against this deadly covid-19 pandemic that continues to cause great havoc to humanity as Australian professor who has revealed their discovery on drugs that have shown positive results in treating covid-19 patients.

The Australian professor Thomas Borody, has revealed that they already that an already approved drug has been used in his hospital and has shown tremendous results in treating covid-19 patients in which it has reduced both recovery time and complication.The scientist carried out the research in covid-19 positive patients and it helped them recover and even prevent them against complications,which was announced yesterday 27th of August in a press conference.

While there’s no hope left for the novel coronavirus, scientists have still pushed on to find a cure for the virus. Experts have come out to reveal their discoveries which are yet to be approved.

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    Let’s join hands and continue to pray for you scientists as you do your work.

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