UNEB finally speaks out about Bobi Wine papers

It all looks like the controversial public interest city lawyer, Male Mabirizi has once again lost another case, this time around, it’s not the age limit case but it’s a case he filed against the 2021 Uganda Presidential candidate, Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine.

On 10th August, Mr Mabirizi applied to the Electoral Commission requesting certified copies of academic papers Bobi Wine provided during his nomination for the bye-election for Kyadondo East Constituency in 2017 to verify whether the National Unity Platform(NUP) leader indeed possesses the said credentials.

This was mainly due to Bobi Wine’s peculiar completion of A’level at age 16, O-level at 13 and Primary Leaving Examination at 9 as was reflected on the parliamentary website.

The academic papers from the Electoral commission reflect the NUP President’s birth year as 1980 which is different from that on the parliamentary website -1982.

The released academic credentials reveal that Mr Kyagulanyi obtained an F9 in mathematics at O’level and to this end, Mr Mabirizi claims that it casts doubts on the ability of Mr Kyagulanyi to steer the country. Mabirizi further claims that Kyagulanyi’s failure to pass General paper at A’level explains the presidential hopeful’s inability to articulate policy issues for the country.

However, in response, The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) has made some clarifications on the alleged discrepancies in the academic papers of Mr. Kyagulanyi.

In response to the lawyer, Daniel Odongo the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) Executive secretary, confirmed that Bobi Wine did successfully sit both his S4 and S6 exams at Kitante Hill and Kololo S.S respectively.

Regarding the dates, Odongo clarified that prior to 1998, UACE exams were issued in March, but in the same year the board started issuing the exams in November/December as the rest of the exams.

“So in effect, in 1998, UNEB conducted two (2) sets of UACE exams as a transition from the March cycle to November/December cycle. The cohort of candidates who sat for their UCE examinations in 1996, including Kyagulanyi Robert, sat for their UACE examinations in November /December 1998.”

However, upon receiving this response, Lawyer Mabirizi has written back to UNEB to clarify on discrepancies in the names of Kyagulanyi whereby at UCE he used double S in the name Ssentamu while at A level he used a single S.

He demanded to know why the results which were presented at the Electoral Commission indicated that he sat for his final examinations (UACE) in March 1998 yet UNEB says that exams were held in November /December.

“UNEB says that the documents are issued without alterations or omissions. So we are asking where did he get these documents he took to E.C when the examinations body doesn’t know them. “


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