Grief as MUBS Guild Minister Commits Suicide Inside Police Cell

Makerere University Business School (MUBS) Foreign Affairs Guild Minister Hon. Ladu Lartijo, has passed on, this website has learnt.

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The bachelor of Procurement year two student, developed mental illness and decided to take his life.

“Previous like after the pandemic, he developed some mental illness then he was taken to hospital while in Uganda. After some improvement he came to Kampala and later to South Sudan,” One of the deceased’s pals narrated as quoted by a local online publication, Campus Bee.

According to information, the mental issue made him hostile so he was taken to cell due to hostility- where he committed suicide.

He died in Juba here and the problem started when he had gone to the refugee camp in West Nile.

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Another sources verified the source of Ladu’s death;

“Having developed mental sickness, he became so violent that his parents could no longer control him. They requested police for a lock up in a cell. After being locked in a cell, they gave him a mattress which he used the cover to hang himself. “

The MUBS administration has organized a scientific requiem mass today at its campus and students will be able to attend via zoom. May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

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