He Did Not Shoot Anyone! The Untold Story Of Minister Rukutana

In a bid to establish the exact truth about the incident involving the state Minister for Gender Hon. Mwesigwa Rukutana, it has been revealed that the former Deputy Antony General did not shot anyone, as its being reported.

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The incident happened National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries held last week on Friday.

According an interview with a local online publication, The Insider, an eyewitness (Names withheld), reveals that the bloody saga was sparked off by goons that blocked the way of the senior minister with their cars on both sides of the road as bystanders sung and threw vulgar utterances to Mr. Rukutana.

Regardless of the fact that Rukutana was a board of a government plated number car, this wasn’t reason enough for the rowdy saboteurs (some said to be FDC supporters) to clear the way for the minister who was accompanied by his family to Kayonza to bury an in-law.

“The minister’s car was being driven at a terrible speed. I believe he had somewhere urgent he wanted to go, but he was surprised when he found the road intentionally blocked by people in cars – a Toyota Premio and Rav4 registration number UAQ 840X. His driver tried to hoot a number of times but those in the private plated cars extremely unbothered as they sipped their bottles of beer with loud music,” an eyewitness narrated as quoted by the Insider. He added that it was to the minster’s that the surprise that the arrogant car owners were being cheered by bystanders that pelted mammoth of bitter words to the minister who had remained in his car, till when he could not withstand the unrealistic incident.

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“When the minister opened his door with anger. I though the gentleman in the RAV 4 car would at least give room since he occupied the bigger side of the road, but to my surprise he welcomed Mr. Rukutana with weird Rukiga insults, those statements were the spoilers which forced the minister to disarm his body guard and attempted to fire bullets.

Out of fear, the crowd disappeared including the owners of the car that had blocked the way, but not later than five minutes after the minster’s departure, a van a board of Rukutana’s supporters trailed the men in Rav 4 and beat them with sticks including destroying the car’s windscreen.

“I want to be honest, there was no gun shooting at all but the Minister’s opponent have decided to use the incident to spread fake news. It should be noted that those who sustained injuries during the incident. they are admitted at Mbarara Referral Hospital nursing would of stones and canes but not bullets:” Our source added.

On the side, Mr. Dan Rwiburingi, a victim of the alleged victim shooting incident has said he didn’t suffer bullet injuries from the confrontation.

In a video circulating on social media, recorded from his hospital bed in
Mbarara Referral Hospital on Monday, Mr. Rwiburingi, a key witness in the intended prosecution of the minister says he was hit on the head using an object.

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