Hell is his goal! – Prophet on fire for ‘going to heaven and returning’ to Uganda

Netizens have put a Ugandan self proclaimed annointed man of God Prophet to explain why he went to heaven and again came back to earth when after all, heaven is the ultimate goal.

“How did he go to heaven? It might’ve been just a dream! But why did he come back from heaven when it’s where every religious person yearns to go?” People can’t stop wondering.

They’re applying logic that perhaps, if he went to heaven and returned to Uganda which is currently ‘hell on earth’ then, his goal is either fire like in hell, or hell fire.

If you didn’t know him and his experience, prophet William Ssozi is the man who beat satan to coma, or so he claimed.

The same ‘Man of God’ had earlier explained how he had a chat with ‘his father in heaven who told him that he has plans to shift Ugandans to a ‘better’ country.

He also said that Jesus replaced his brains in heaven. But curious people are most interested in knowing how he went to heaven, in his car!

He said: “I was driving along the Entebbe Express Highway when I got carried away, before I knew it, I was in heaven. I was welcomed by my late late father who was also a pastor.

“It wasn’t a dream, I remember the car got lifted up and I found myself in a place full of lights and abundance and then I was told that this is heaven.”

“There, I met Jesus one on one.”

Ssozi says that while in heaven, his head was opened by Jesus and his brain was replaced with “the brain of a prophet’.

Ssozi had all those experiences after spending less than five hours in heaven. He says he went at around 3 pm and by 7 pm he had returned to earth.

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