Home of our Stars Season 2 Premiers with Ugandan Reality TV Show Stars Up Close Interview

For many of us, the thought of having our entire lives broadcasted on television is a daunting prospect. We fear that the world will witness every aspect of our being, both the good and the bad. However, this apprehension did not deter three prominent Ugandan socialites and entertainers from embracing the opportunity to join the immensely popular reality TV show, Kampala Crème.

The latest season of Home of Our Stars revealed an up close and personal experience with three of the show stars: Zahara Nalumansi commonly known as Zahara Toto, Deborah Nantongo also known as Mami Deb, and Etania Mutoni.

These women share how they have managed to navigate the Ugandan social scene all while maintaining their reality with Flavia Tumusiime who calmly got the ladies to open up speaking into several myths from the public.

“I was buzzing with excitement for the show,” reminisces Mami Deb reflecting on the moment she was approached. “We even expedited our move to Uganda to participate in the show sooner than planned.” Reflecting on the supportive presence of her partner, she adds, “Having a supportive partner was invaluable, especially since we’re both involved in the show. We acknowledged its promising potential, and I genuinely believe it will exceed expectations.”

Zahara Toto shares similar sentiments to Mami Deb’s, expressing that she viewed the show as a chance to expand her brand. “When Judithiana, the director, approached me, I saw it as a platform for advancement, an opportunity to broaden my network,” she explains. Adding to this, she emphasizes, “I have a passion for drama, so joining was a no-brainer for me. I couldn’t pass up the chance to be a part of this.”

On the other hand, Etania, a figure whose real-life story has astonished many, shares her motivation for joining the show. “Considering my challenging past, I wanted to serve as an inspiration to young girls who have faced adversity,” she explains. “I joined the show to represent girls like me who hail from small towns, have encountered hardships, and have made numerous mistakes. I aim to demonstrate that your background or past doesn’t dictate your future, and success on a global platform is attainable for anyone.” Additionally, she notes, “I bring laughter and vivacity to any gathering, so I intend to inject some humor into the show.”

Reality TV offers viewers a unique sense of connection, allowing them to relate deeply to one or more participants. On Kampala Crème, one aspect that resonates with most viewers is the ongoing conflicts between the different personalities. Not only does this add intrigue to the show, but it also keeps viewers eagerly engaged.

When asked about the tension sparked with speculation online, with many questioning whether the drama is staged. Mami Deb reflects on this, saying, “I sometimes wish the show were scripted. At least then, the conflicts would be resolved on-screen…But it’s so unscripted that you almost wish it were.”

The focal point of this conflict recently revolved around Etania and Zahara. During the interview, Etania clarifies that there has never been a personal connection between them, and she’s content with it staying that way. “It all comes down to energy. My energy has never aligned with Zahara Toto’s, hence this conflict. It’s not about desiring friendship; the connection simply isn’t present, and I’m fine with not having her in my circle,” she explains. This sentiment is also echoed by Zahara.

Zahara, who has faced considerable criticism online, shares that her close friends remain supportive, but she acknowledges that some Ugandans will always have negative opinions. “I’ve endeavored to reveal a different side of myself to Ugandans, but as long as my family is content, the rest is just background noise,” she reflects.

Whereas many would be hesitant about putting their children on social media let alone a reality TV show, Zahara shares a different sentiment. She expresses that the exposure her children receive on the show could lead to numerous opportunities. “My children are bright and open-minded, so I welcome their involvement,” she stated.

Regarding their future aspirations, these remarkable women remain optimistic. “In a year, I’ll be a pilot. I’ll leverage the show to propel me toward greatness,” Zahara declares. Mami Deb envisions her family expanding throughout five seasons, while Etania sees the show as a platform for raising awareness about the challenges faced by disadvantaged women.

Viewers can anticipate more surprises, as Multichoice brings the different stars on most of their local dramas and shows for one on one interviews on the latest Home of our Stars season. New episodes air every Wednesday of the DStv Uganda YouTube channel at 11am.

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