How Arua man lost over 20 million to BLQ, wins over 100 million from fixed games

Anguzu Charles Favor is in jubilation after winning over 100 million from Uganda Bettors Association fixed games.

Anguzu, who lost over 20 million to BLQ jumped into Uganda Bettors Association after reading so many testimonies of how they helped people recover from different kind of losses.

“I read about 5 testimonies of how guys won a lot of money from these guys, and without thinking twice, I had to step in. I paid the registration and immediately received my ticket,” he said.

“I don’t believe that everything online is a scam, am a risk taker, and through risk-taking, I have hit my jackpot, and I don’t want to say that I lost my money to BLQ, I was only trying to make life simple for me by getting something that would earn me a living without overworking myself, BLQ came in with a lot of light and I wanted something like that,”

“This money is too much, I need time to think and plan how to use it genuinely and productively since I have never held this kind of money before,”

Whoever is willing, please join their website here

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