How Kenyan businessman recoverd over Shs300 million he lost to BLQ

Halo world! My name is Paul Gachomo, 45, a businessman based in Kenya but I cut across East Africa.

I joined BLQ Football, some months back, and I invested about Ksh10 million (which is about UGX315 million) into BLQ, this money actually made a lot of profits. I used to withdraw some to facilitate my movements with the hope that the remaining balance would help the account accumulate more.

My initial investment was part of my business capital, I never took any bank loan or borrowed from anyone. When this BLQ website went down, my wife was about to commit suicide. I recall her disappearing from home like wind and started behaving like a mad woman, she made a loud cry saying that we are back to zero again after all the struggles we went through in life. Imagine losing what you have built for the past 7 years in just a blink of an eye.

Personally, I was numb, I didn’t know where to start from but something inside me kept on whispering to me that I will never fail in life, you are destined for success.

One day, I was searching through the internet for genuine ways of making money online, and I found so many interesting testimonies of people praising these guys. I dug deep into who they are, I found out that they have been in existence since 2019.

As a risk taker who already lost too much, I didn’t care anymore, I was left with little money but I went to their website, and without wasting time, I went straight to fixed games because that’s where everyone was praising. I subscribed and the next day, I received the game, honestly speaking it was a Ugandan Big League game! I staked all the money I was left with but guess what, the receipt won (UGX14 million). This money gave me a head start and in the following game, I won about Shs90 million and the recent ticket gave me Shs83 million. I have so far played 3 games, but am seeing very far now.

Life is not about waking up daily and start calling people for some pocket change, its all about risking what you have to gain! Even God will understand that he lost while trying to see through life. That’s why I never regret losing my money to BLQ, God decided to bless me through the same risk. I don’t know these guys but I did everything online with them but it has changed me and am back to normal. My wife is now a prayer warrior thanking God for another opportunity given to us.

Brothers and Sisters, Fixed games are real! Join them now and change your life!

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