How MP fought and killed a thief

Nakawa East MP, Ronald Balimwezo Nsubuga has revealed how he handled a thief and killed him’ himself.

While appearing on the ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ weekdays morning program with Faridah Nakazibwe on NTV, Balimwezo narrated how he successfully went about his encounter with an armed robber.

Hon. Ronald Balimweezo telling his story on NTV


“At that time there was a huge problem of theft in Kyambogo,” the MP recollected before adding:

“I fought this thief and he died that night.”

“I believe that I survived by the power of God and I got saved after that,” Balimwezo added.

He supposedly was also able to fight off the man who wanted to take his life thanks to his physical ability. Balimwezo says he was a body builder and he was good at it.

Hon. Ronald Balimweezo when he was still a ‘bodybuilder’

“I even became a gym instructor and imported body building to Entebbe,” he stated.

The MP was talking less about politics, and more about life and his “roots” on the morning show, so he also opened up about his other life troubles.

He talked about his painful experience of having to get his leg cut off after getting involved in a terrible accident.

“I was on a Yamaha bike going to visit my mother when a car hit me,” Balimweezo narrated.

“By the time I tried to get up, I realised that a bone in my leg was broken,” he added, explaining that his leg had to now be cut off.

Famous for his great narration abilities, the former Nakawa Division Mayor’s stories sound so wild to be true, but he tells them anyway, in a way that could easily make you believe they are true.

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