Husband chases wife from home for supporting Bobi Wine

An official at the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries official has been accused of forcing his wife out of their marital home after she insisted on supporting and participating in political activities of the National Unity Platform party headed by Bobi Wine.

Agnes Namaganda, one of the women vying for the NUP flag for the Kampala Woman MP has accused her husband Dick Twinomujunyi of chasing her out of their marital home after joining politics.

Namaganda told journalists on monday that Twinomujunyi had put in place hostile conditions that would prevent her from participating in NUP’s political activities including contesting on the party’s flag as she is aspiring to do.

A brawl would ensue where items that identified Namaganda with the Kamwokya outfit such as the famed red berets, people power uniforms and any other campaign materials were declared contraband in the couple’s Nalumunye home.

Namaganda says by the time she opted to leave, the friction had escalated into scaring threats to her life hence fleeing for her dear life.

At the climax of the fight, Twinomujunyi offered his wife with two options to choose from, which were either to abandon NUP and her political activities or moving out of the house. She chose the latter.

Six days later, Namaganda says has not had access to her four children,with the youngest being just 2 years old.

Responding to the accusations from his wife, Twinomujunyi said his seemingly harsh actions towards his wife were premised on his fear to be seen as engaging in partisan politics yet he is a civil servant.

He however denies forcing her to move out of the house, insisting he had only put measures that his wife failed to abide by, choosing to vacate in the process.

He further accuses her of trying to use the situation to attract sympathy votes from the unsuspecting voters, something Namaganda outrightly denied, insisting that her’s is a wake up call for all women to be allowed enjoy and exercise their Constitutional rights unhindered.

“As we get into the active phase of campaigns and eventual elections, my message to the nation is; Women have the right to enjoy their constitutional freedom to belong to any political party of their choice without feeling threatened. All stakeholders should come out to clearly highlight and disseminate messages to enable women choose leaders they want,” she appealed.

Twinomujunyi says that his wife’s actions depicts glaring ulterior motives since this is not the first time they have had misunderstandings as a couple. He for instance says Namaganda had been selling family properties without notice to her husband, and giving the proceeds to Pr. Elvis Mbonye as tithe but they have still always had a way of making up.

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