I am going to Mobilise Voters Against NRM-Bukedea Woman MP Aspirant Writes to Museveni

Bukedea Woman MP Aspirant Merab Amongin has vowed to mobilise voters in Bukedea District in Eastern Uganda to shun the party if President Museveni doesn’t take any action.

Amongin wants Museveni to intervene in a situation where the NRM incumbent MP Anita Among says the President gave a directive that she should come as an opposed.

“The people of Bukedea are uncomfortable and surprised that if it’s a directive from the President himself,then why can’t he come and tell us openly that the incumbent is his favorite candidate.

NRM is a party of democracy and what we are seeing happening in Bukedea is very contrary to the party. Two of the other contenders Sophie Malinga and Christine Akuru were also kicked out of the the battle with unclear reasons,” said Amongin.

Amongin added,”Bukedea has been a strong hold for NRM and I want to assure the President that if he doesn’t interviene in the situation, Bukedea is going back to Opposition.

Bukedea is not safe at all and if he doesn’t interviene in the matter,we are most likely to see more harm in the party in Bukedea.”

Amongin accusses NRM Electoral Commission for conniving with Anita to come out as an opposed.

She also revealed that she has written, petitioning the President as the Chairman of the party to clarify as to why the party is been compromised by few individuals who think they can use their money and power to indimidate the poor.


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  1. This is a one sided story guys. Why didn’t you raise the underlying issues-Why were some of the candidates disqualified- I believe Tanga Odoi the chairperson NRM electoral commission would be in position to give us answers. The person directly accused in the story was not also given a hearing but and yet this is a core principle of journalism; Balance and fairness. During this delicate Political season, we ought to give our news platforms the best possible credibility to give readers well sourced news. Not making them avenues for Character Assassination.

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