Serere County MP ‘Bishop’ Okabe denies being a witchdoctor, vows to crash opponent biblically

With only a few hours to the National Resistance Movenment Party primaries, aspirants are doing all the necessary last minute catch in order to win the race.

On Tuesday night, the Serere County MP aspirant, Samuel Otaala aka Emong Isera accused the incumbent who doubles as a bishop overseeing Impact Ministries, Hon. Patrick Okabe, of performing rituals in front of his gate.

Otaala accuses the man of God of repeatedly coming to his home entrance and kneeling on a white mat and performing rituals.

In an audio that revealed Otaala explaining the altercation, young people in the background are heard saying Okabe is a top witch.

“We saw 4 vihicles standing infront of my gate, I quickly recognized Okabe’s car, with a one a Noah and the ambulance while Okabe was kneeling down on a white piece of cloth performing rituals,” teary Otaala said.

He added thus “I went back and told some people to come and see what the Bishop is doing. As I went to ask what he was doing, he jumped and held me as his security personel punched my eye,”

In response to the allegations of performing rituals and turning out to be a boxer or a boxing coach, the man of God has denied being a witchdoctor saying that Otaala was drunk.

“So who boxed or slapped Otaala? Secondly I am guarded if we had to respond the police officer guarding me was enough to handle Otaala but we restrained ourselves. The Police from Serere arrived at the scene of crime and confirmed Otaala mounted an illegal road block and waylaid me. The logs, bricks etc were taken by police to CPS as evidence,” he preached.

Okabe castigates Otala of being drunk saying that he was shouting on top of his voice asking what they were doing there.

“That evening, I had a meeting with voters in Asilamg Parish. I then left Asilang for Ocapa with my Convoy. At or around Ojama, which happens to be Otala’s village, Mr. Otala by passed my convoy which had packed by the road side. He then made a U-turn and came direct to my car. Otala who was heavily drunk was shouting on top of his voice asking what we were doing there. I came out of my car and tried to tell my colleague to leave us and proceed on his way. Instead he charged at me. My body guard and security team built a wall of defence around me. I got back into my car and told my convoy to proceed.

“I am a very humble person and can never ever fight any one. If at all Otaala was beaten, then it was possibly by the alcohol he had taken. Most of you know how our honorable aspirant is always drunk,”

Furthermore, Mr. Okabe denied knowing Otaala’s home saying that he was returning from Asilang heading to Ocapa with his fleet on a public road.

“One of the cars in the convoy was stoned and window screens shattered. The scene of crime officer took the photos as evidence. Three of the people in my convoy were hit and injured. They also reported to Police and medical forms were given to them,”

“I was the first to report to police at Ocaapa and a case of malicious damage on my cars and mounting illegal roadblock has been filed against Otaala. Otaala poses no political threat to me.

Okabe adds that Otaala poses no political threat to him and he doesn’t need to pray against him or as he alleged perform any witchcraft. ‘Absolutely no need’

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