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I had cursed being in marriage, daily wrangles which resulted to domestic violence had been hectic

My name is Isabella from Nyeri. We had been living with my husband for 5 years down the line. He really seemed a good person since we all shared our good moments together. Our life has been a good one since my hubby would consult me for various things especially important family decisions even before doing. Truly this was definition of mutual understanding in a marriage. He was my dream man and I had completely had his taste at the particular time. Just after he was demoted to a low job level, things changed.

He started taking alcohol at that particular time. each time he was drank he tended to be more violent all the day. To me I concluded that he was depressed with the demotion. I advised him to take things easy since that was just a test and he was to get a more decent job with time. Actually, this was the worse experience I ever had with him.

After sometimes he started being so violent in that he would at times beat me up. Last year November he came home drank and broke everything in the house. Scars were all over my body due to his ruthless beating he did to me.

I had even tried to solve this issue with family members and more of his relatives at least to advice him but nothing was really working at that particular time. Praying was the only thing to defend me at that time. I had hope that he was one day to change but as days went by he even became more worse than ever. Neighbors came to witness as we fight. I was so much hopeless and worried in this marriage as I feared some day he would just kill me. the only remaining option I had was to leave him and walk out of the marriage.

I walked out of the marriage but despite that, I was so much in love with him. My younger sister told me about Dr Mugwenu who she said would solve our situation. Without hesitation I took Dr Mugwenu contacts and called him. I was so much depressed seeing other women live happily in their marriages at the moment. Dr Mugwenu casted the love bringing spells in marriage and assured me that my hubby would transform to a loving person and would stop taking alcohol. After two days my hubby called me and we got back together again. He had really stopped taking alcohol. Since then we have been living happily as a family. I really like Dr Mugwenu’s work of great experience in spell casting.

Many others who have been assisted by Dr Mugwenu lamented they have received powerful healing and are now happily living to their life expectations. Good work to Dr Mugwenu.

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