My mini supermarket business bounced back, profit was maximum as it became one of the best in our area

My name is Elisha from Nairobi. I owe a mini supermarket in huruma area still in the country capital. Things had completely changed since the covid 19 pandemic came here in Kenya. Many people were really not purchasing goods from my supermarket hence low profits.

As a result, perishable goods like bread and the like would go bad just in a span of three to five days. This really brought a lot of losses to my business entity. Most of the timed I had been having the thought of closing the entire business since nothing good was coming from it.

After the government imposed lockdown in Nairobi county to control the rate of spread of corona, that was the time that I was really making a lot of losses. At some point I had employed 10 staff in my business for helping the running of the business but things became even more tough as there was not enough capital to pay them. Due to this, I had to sack them just to bear the cost of the adverse losses that I was having at my business entity. This was the toughest moment in my entrepreneurship life since I had never at any particular time encountered such a moment.

After a while a friend of mine came to my business to experience how things were going in the entire business. He was too shocked as the daily operations of my business had came to an end since only a few customers would come in a day. I was the cashier of the entity and at some point I would only make 5000 shillings from 40,000 shillings of the usual good day.

This situation almost gave me a heart attack at some point. Luckily my friend introduced me to Dr Mugwenu who he told me was distinguished spell caster who was to cast successful business spells that would make my business bounce back. Without hesitation he gave Dr Mugwenu contacts where I called him for assistance. Dr Mugwenu invited me at his offices. He casted the business spells to my business just after I had shared to him what my problem was. Three days after going back home. I had seen adverse change in my business. Customers were flocking my business entity to purchase goods of their choice.

This was just clear manifestation that Dr Mugwenu was a reliable spell caster who is always ready to solve any difficult situation that people in the society undergo. Since then, my business has been thriving much. thanks to Dr Mugwenu for his assistance.

Many others who have been assisted by Dr Mugwenu lamented they have received powerful healing and are now happily living to their life expectations. Good work to Dr Mugwenu.

Just like medical personnel, Dr Mugwenu does a diagnosis to his people by asking few questions for clear understanding of clients problems i.e. their area of trouble. He solves life challenges such as love issues, family problems, and hardship in businesses, increase your luck, winning lottery and winning of court cases. For consultations call +254740637248 Read more

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