I need prayers and help – Man who sold his Bike to bet on Bayern speaks out

A man in Bukedea who placed a bet worth Shs3.5 million on Bayern Munich to win against Atletico Madrid has appealed to the public to stand with him in this hard moment of his life.

Isaac Olokojo, a resident of Aligoi in Kachumbala county sold his only source of income after allegedly getting a vision from God to stake anything that he would want to stake.

He sold his motorcycle at Shs3.5m and staked all, however, the game ended in what netizens say ‘premium tears’.

Bayern snatched a late equalizer to give him some hope but it was too late.

Now he says that he is terrified but he doesn’t have any suicidal thought. However, he appeals to anyone who can save him from this embarrassment to donate any financial support swearing never to bet again in his life.

He has also promised to be a councilor to betting addicts and see how they can turn that little money they lose daily on sports betting to something that can give you good returns.

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“This was Satan, not God! I miss interpreted this dream and I believe it was a warning from God but I ignorantly disobeyed God and went ahead and sold my bike. I had to buy data to watch the game on my phone and trust me, my heart stopped functioning when Atletico scored in the early minutes. At some point, I saw myself talking to people who were not with me,” he narrated.

“I know that I have done a huge mistake but please, help me because I have a wife and 4 children to look after. If anyone wants to help, please let them use you and you deliver it and take photos as evidence,” he begged.

He also appealed to the management of Bayern Munich football club to come to his rescue since he entrusted them with his money.

However, according to his close associates, Isaac was influenced by a friend who has been in the gambling industry and is now ‘possessed with betting’. They say it is his first bet.

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